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I have a huge mouth... but I still couldn't fit this mass of falafel goodness into my gob easily. damn, it was good. #amsterdamcafe #omaha

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paul jarvis
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stephcorine 1338942923
I love you a little.
hooklinesinker01 1338943152
Fanta luv!!
karatekid3sucked 1338947653
I heard a nasty rumor that Fanta use fish gelatin as a stabilizer.... :( sux coz I loves it!! @mojave
pjrvs 1338947782
@penfoldthebrown ah crap, I will research this before I have another. thanks for the info!!
enbg 1338948859
karatekid3sucked 1338961355
@mojave no worries, although I feel like I should say sorry haha
pjrvs 1338989769
@penfoldthebrown im glad you told me, I'd rather know than not. plus this is the firs time in ~10yrs I've drank it anyway... I don't really drink soda. so it's not the end of the world :)
pjrvs 1347409398
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