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SPOILER ALERT: how my brain works. #trueblood

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Meighan O'Toole
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meigsotoole 1338859983
@transtanley sorry buddy! My rule is if the season is more than a year old the spoiler embargo is ovah. 😉Anyway you know you wanted her capped long ago! Hahaha!
transtanley 1338860287
Haha, oh I saw last season, but thought she was going to magically survive, as crazier shit has happened on the show, lol. You're right though--she was getting annoying.
mooncake421 1338861521
Yea I hated her!!
diannespanner 1338880664
Thank christ
sherisad 1338883708
Do they at least introduce a new black female character? Yeah... I'll see it when it airs in Holland
brownbearstudio 1338898085
They still have her picture on a bunch of the ads for the new season here in New York. I personally liked her and didn't want to see her die but w/e.
wenvrsleep 1338910107
I have a feeling she'll be "surviving" in some form, since Lafyette can speak to the deceased. And I'm still not entirely convinced she won't be made and continue on as a vampire. Is it confirmed she's off the show? @meigsotoole
kakarice 1338945114
I like how the spoiler alert comes AFTER the post!
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