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This has been my favourite #outfit for #nightsout in #london during the past few months... Need to find a new one to take #paris down!

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Natasha Hell ๐ŸŒน
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natashahell 1338888354
@meantroublemaker been there quite often, i have a few friends there and they're actually nice and fun to be around!
meantroublemaker 1338888472
There are some, but they hate ppl from my city, allways been rivals Hehe.
natashahell 1338928743
@meantroublemaker haha i see! But you made me want to visit Göteborg now :) what are the best places to hang out?
meantroublemaker 1338929337
Let me know and ill show you. And when so i can see if there is Any good bands playing.
meantroublemaker 1338929461
All good bands are from here, lillasyster, the haunted, in Flames, evergrey, mustasch, candlemass, hardcore superstars and many many more...
natashahell 1338931399
@meantroublemaker sounds like a good plan!! Should be somewhere between mid to end july, let me know when the good bands are playing :) xx
meantroublemaker 1338932124
Ill let you know for sure :)
viking_redneck 1343034336
@natashahell Lovely!! :)
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