Photo from baby_hulk

Raising the bar #gym #lifting #weightlifting

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baby_hulk 1338854809
Ahhh get ur butt back there!! @ohshitalert
bobbymaxxx 1340089582
baby_hulk 1340126241
Lmao 😉 @bobbymaxxx
bu_khalifa 1344135571
How heavy is that?
baby_hulk 1344135795
135 @bu_khalifa
bu_khalifa 1344135900
Wow and how many can u do?
baby_hulk 1344136026
On my best day I can do 2 :( @bu_khalifa
bu_khalifa 1344136184
Oh lol no worries ull get there! But impressive, I mean u out do me in a lot of stuff! The least u can do is let me brag abt the benchpress! 😝
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