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Photo from confidencevenue

I like this colorful background, haha. Anyways, today's #HIIT and #StrengthTraining #workout was kind of a drag. All though rest days and cheat meals are very important, I tend to fall off the band wagon. That's why I try to not get too relaxed or overdo it. I started this workout at about 5:30, got lazy, took an unexpected nap, got back up, and just barely finished, and its 7:30. I really need to get my act together. I'm easing back into it, so that's good. I plan on making a motivation wall to just help me motivate myself. That's going to be a future project. :) All in all, I got about 35 min of HIIT done. I'm trying to cut my time a bit and dedicate some to strength training because I feel like I'm overworking in the HIIT department. #HighIntensityIntervalTraining #IntervalTraining #Weights #MelissaBender #Tabata #FitnessBlender #Exercise #Fitness

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heyitstej_ 1338436714
Is this like a blog u follow ?
heyitstej_ 1338436727
Btw you are very inspiring (: !
confidencevenue 1338436842
@tejiee Awe, thank you! <3 That's one of the best comments I could ever receive!
heyitstej_ 1338437098
Yay! Im glad 😊 haha
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