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sammysak 1338241759
@fromdivine heard you puttin holes in the wall
fromdivine 1338243111
God! Your bro is so OCD hes literally driving me nuts. 😠
fromdivine 1338243184
Lol so now he's got your moms driving all the way out here for something so dumb. That we could have waited on but NOOO. Cuz things gotta be done how he wants em. I feel back for your momma. πŸ˜’ smh at Geoff.
sammysak 1338243247
@fromdivine That's love on
sammysak 1338243252
My momma part
fromdivine 1338243425
Seriously...she's always taking care of everyone else first. I think she needs a vacation. βœˆπŸŒ…πŸ’†πŸŒˆ
sammysak 1338251726
@fromdivine send her on one
fromdivine 1338257184
@sammysak Damn...I been telling Geoff but we def need to save lots and lots of πŸ’°
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