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New blog post (images courtesy of @senov, @crunchytiger, @jonaspottie, @askee, @bleubird, @claratwy, @dresouzax, @kristie999, @iamkory)

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tash_rose 1317444599
I would love an invite!!! Christmas presents is a great idea!!!
hipphipppurra 1317453491
Whohooo!!! Thank you, guys!! 
1bigmidget 1317535009
Hi there from Australia  I am so happy that you ship to Australia. I am currently awaiting an invite so I can place an order, normally how long does it take to get an invite to order. Also the cost of $15, is that US? Sorry to be a pain  Keep up the great work 
sticky9 1317976984
@1bigmidget Hiya! We no longer require an invite so you're free to order. The cost is $15 USD. Hope we can get you some StickyGrams soon.
1bigmidget 1317980589
Thank you so much for your reply  I actually got an invite the other day. I was so excited!! But I am having so much trouble choosing... My photos are so not magnet worthy  Again, sorry to be a pain, but what would be the cut of date to receive an order by Christmas with shipping to Australia? Cheers
sticky9 1318171858
@1bigmidget No worries. If you order them before the end of Nov we'll have plenty of time to get them to you.
amillionminds 1326216182
Omg this is the greatest find ever! How do I order? I'm in Canada.
sticky9 1326312350
@amillionminds Just go to our website. Worldwide shipping is totally free.
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