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Wow didn't think this shitty of a combo existed twilight diehard and icp fan #twilightsucks #icp #juggalo #lame

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shannon_bomb 1337965282
Haha! Oh man
senpai_susy 1337966575
peejsmash 1337967682
they're making pantera look bad
Agreed w @peejsmash .. ICP worst band ever. How about that shitty license plate cover.
chelseagrippi 1337969216
Fuckin magnets
up_a_tree 1338335519
Well it kinda makes sense... Icp's lyrics are just about as good as Stephanie Meyer's writing...
codyhenningstattoos 1345371307
That car is there everytime Ive been to unimax
codyhenningstattoos 1345371310
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