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Sunset at the Tyne bridge.

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andygravett 1337849099
No problem hope you a
andygravett 1337849115
Are well LOL
nitr0glycerin 1337852665
@andygravett I am all yes
nitr0glycerin 1337852677
Minus some sunburn lol @andygravett hope you are too
andygravett 1337854329
@nitr0glycerin yep all good going out to enjoy this great weather :))
nitr0glycerin 1337867783
Lucky you. I'm at work, in the sweltering heat, head to toe black clothing. Very unglamorous! @andygravett
andygravett 1337867901
@nitr0glycerin well I'm sorry to hear that :( , I had a good ride out to the coast and back took a few pictures hope that helps :)
nitr0glycerin 1337867951
Haha nah that doesn't help, but this ice cold can of tango is haha @andygravett
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