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Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge: Day 11: Favorite Magical Creature: House Eleves, because they're so amazing, and DOBBY is a house elf! I LOVE DOBBY!!!!! :) #harrypotter #harrypotter30daychallenge #dobby #houseelf

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arsenioneto 1337694796
*--* Dobby  "Dobby is free!"
kkwochka_ 1337700245
You tell em dobby! ❤
annaruss99 1337715966
That's right, dobby!!! ❤
@kristina37hphg @arsenioneto @yyolo @hpluvr12 @sadierocker26 omg you guys i just love dobby so much :)
kristina37hphg 1337740540
@nhathinoelle oh my freaking lord VOLDEMORT me too!!!!!!!!!! He's so ......AHHHHHHHHH he's just amazing. WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!!!
@kristina37hphg ik, i was like bawling!!!!!!! And when molly killed bella because bella killed dobby, i was like YES!!!!! Omg, dobby was amazing and he loved harry and its just.... Omg i was crying im like "why did dobby have to die nooooooooo why jk whyyyyyyy???"
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