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Big brother..--> Kim-ji 🐰😘

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mangpor217 1337692396
@melz_patz I bought it from the pet shop in my country. 😁😁
mangpor217 1337692458
@cutestmeja890 come to get him!!! Hehe!! 😘😘
mangpor217 1337692666
@dewzilla ขอบคุณมากค่า วันนี้แวะมาชมอาหารเกาหลีจานน้อยก่อนนะคะ...😉😉
mangpor217 1337692976
@mjtweaver I wish to stop him as a baby but can not. 😭😭
ekdikisis 1337702009
Aww. You're so tiny compared to the ball. 😍
mangpor217 1337740673
@ekdikisis eiei. Am I cute?? 😉😉
ekdikisis 1337740916
@mangpor217 you are the cutest! 😘😘😘
mangpor217 1337741579
@ekdikisis yeh!! I'm the winner. 😁😁
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