Photo from realturkeylady

HOME. #whereistand #photoadaymay #home #strathco

1cathyc 1337643901
I thought those were my feet; and I didn't remember taking/posting the picture
realturkeylady 1337644279
Haha that's funny!
realturkeylady 1337644323
All about comfort, this
realturkeylady 1337644327
I like those shoes! Where can I get a pair?!
realturkeylady 1337650212
They are Keens and I found them at Winners in the men's section @farmerswife3404 :) in fact that's where I find a lot of my shoes...not a girly girl:)
kiko_72 1337694652
I have keeners sneakers too! Red! Love them
realturkeylady 1337752362
Oh red would be awesome!
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