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Jorge Angel

Photo from porpe

Making my rounds in SD ... This place just intimidated me.

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Jorge Angel
cullentraverso 1337213076
Puts Lee DuPont's part into perspective.
chrisgreenskates 1337213827
Never seen this view probably couldnt get the tricks i always thought of when i seen footy here
zachohara 1337222347
looks so scary to skate.
yeajonmann 1337224053
Super sketchy tight tranny. Sounds like something in Vegas but I'm talkin about that there park.
hellonwheels 1337231926
Good luck Porpe, that place is fucking gnarly. @cullentraverso hits it straight on the head. Berard, Mumford, Hewitt... Gods
phill_oliveira 1337232586
Sick park
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