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Thank you for your kindness... Your understanding... But THANK YOU most of all for the friendship you continue to share with me  // #jj #instagram #friendship #flower #macro #photojojo #igermelbourne #iphoneographyaust #iphoneography #iphone4

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shibz2311 1314702488
@gigib88 yay! I was right  reflecting over it, I think we can take on the world 
shibz2311 1314702534
@bevilicious hehe huzzah!  I look forward to it
gigib88 1314702679
@shibz2311 yes! (I wish I had the smiley with sunglasses) Taking over the world one smile at a time
djanicki 1314941904
@shibz2311 hey lafy! Been a while since I took a stroll through your stream... Have missed a few beauties, ESP this one... Remind me of your generosity with me when I joined IG. You inspired and enthused me with your generous comments. You are what instagram is about!! Much love dxxx
shibz2311 1314953195
@djanicki hey lovely!  my IG stream is messed up anyways  IG have deleted over 40 pics of mine including some of the instamelb ones. Been emailing them & they are looking into it. They also advised me to change my password. But I'm glad you liked this one  naww you are such a sweetheart  I have had a hard IG Journey to this date but what always kept me going was the people who supported me & that's when I found out IG is really a wonderful place. Each person I follow & friend, I give back because when I look back, I remember the comments kept me going & perhaps I can help someone simply by saying how wonderful their work is. In saying that tho, you do truly take awesome photos yourself  you show me how you see the world 
shibz2311 1316138609
@sonz OMG sonz you are giving me a heart attack! You had a minor procedure  - I'm glad it's all better now but that was such a shock considering you didn't even indicate anything. Hunni, you know I will always care for you & make sure you are ok. I cannot even begin to imagine if you weren't in my life. You have inspired me & given me strength. Love you lots & know I'm here for you 
shibz2311 1316171788
@sonz hehe. I'm the same even when it's my birthday, I tend to shy away. But I just want to make sure that you are ok  you have my kik. Its there if you ever want to reach me, I'll be there 
taoish 1316328679
Beauty.... ♥
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