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🐾🐾Jackmama (Mina)🐾🐾

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🐾🐾Jackmama (Mina)🐾🐾
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agnesjin 1365735998
Oh..I'm so sorry for your loss..Lila is precious.. It's really sad..that she passed away at such a young age...I'm heartbroken...I'm sure that she's in heaven without sickness...
jack_mama 1375870070
@davidrayssac I had dachshund before. She passed away many years ago. She was such a sweet dog! Still think about her 😘🐶
jack_mama 1375870182
@agnesjin Thanks so much for your kind comments and so sorry for this late response. I just saw this messages.
davidrayssac 1375873261
😍They are just unforgetable ! ♥
jack_mama 1377973105
@davidrayssac That's true!
jack_mama 1377973120
jack_mama 1393612320
dachshundgaleta 1393613082
Absolutely charming dachsie❗️I have a deep love of all dachshunds. Keep her in your memory is the best memorial that we can offer.
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