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Skorpii- PokéHylian

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Go Marshall! #pokemon #blackguy #elite4

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Skorpii- PokéHylian
cosmicsharkbooks 1336835264
Glad to know I'm not the only one who loves Pokememes
austinisolatepeaks 1336853860
explain - gen 1 - brock - first gym leader, Gen 5 - lenora - second gym leader, gen 5 - Iris - 8th gym leader in pokemon white, where is your god now
austinisolatepeaks 1336853884
sorry , Arceus*
skorpii 1336862059
How bout 1. Brock isn't black 2. Lenora isn't a guy 3. Iris isn't a guy. There,there is my Arceus. Check, my good man. Your move ;) @theaustinbaxter
professor_oak 1336863260
Yes, @theaustinbaxter, Brock is Asian, which is why his eyes are the way they are. As for the two others, last time I met them I remember them being women. I pray to Arceus to give you a bit more insight next time you try to rub your 'knowledge' into our faces taking the name of Arceus in vain.
skorpii 1336863738
*sniffs the air* @professor_oak do you smell something burnt?
professor_oak 1336863884
Hmmm, no. It smells a bit more roasted like Thanksgiving turkey to me. :)
austinisolatepeaks 1336963887
you guys are good, you win this round
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