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Mike Fitz

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Random Friday evening mountain climbing! #torc #killarney #ireland

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Mike Fitz
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kayto2 1336773158
mikeyfitzdrift 1336777591
@chargedg60 Thanks dude! The scenery aint too bad either, I guess! :-P
alberto.a9 1338536564
This is awesome bro
mikeyfitzdrift 1338555080
@alvarez408 Cheers bro, gotta make the best of the sun in Ireland! 😄
alberto.a9 1338558435
Lol, once I get to Europe I'm definitely visiting. When is it drifting season and the stops? @mikeyfitz13b
mikeyfitzdrift 1340280287
@alvarez408 Our competitive season runs from mid April to mid September dude, although there are practice days more or less all year round. You gotta see Prodrift though! So competitive!
alberto.a9 1340299508
Sounds good man I'll be sending you a message once I'm around the area see where you guys are at.
sherriveron 1341870810
Whooowho Ello! @mikeyfitz13b
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