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#nepenthes robcantleyi seedling. #pitcherplant #carnivorousplant #carnivorous

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colorado_mermaid 1336769569
Welcome! I almost bought one the other day but it was so expensive  been looking for some little ones but no one where I live seems to know what I am talking about when I ask about them.. Lame-ooooo
melody11 1336770689
@wham_bam_sam Most of mine were ordered online. However, my N. ventricosa and N. 'Judith Finn' were both purchased for about $8 (tiny) from Lowes. A company called Botanical Wonders ships carnivores to Lowes and Home Depot in some areas. Go check out your local hardware stores and garden centers!
colorado_mermaid 1336771022
The town I just moved to is TINY. No where that I have been even knows what I am talking about when I ask for them, and if they do, they look at me like I'm crazy haha. And unfortunately, the closest Lowes and Home Depot's are over 2 hours away  however, I've found some online. Was just worried about how they would ship but if you have had good luck with them, then I shall try too! Thanks for all your help!
melody11 1336771555
@wham_bam_sam which place are you ordering from? I've dealt with great places, and bad ones so I'm picky where I order from.
colorado_mermaid 1336771651
I'm not sure what they were called? Just typed it in on google and came up with a mess of places. Who do you recommend?? I'm so picky, which is why I haven't ordered yet haha
melody11 1336788579
@wham_bam_sam www.exoticplantsplus.com, www.cpjungle.com, www.cobraplant.com, www.californiacarnivores.com
colorado_mermaid 1336788644
Thank you! I'm online right now so it's on 
melody11 1337950829
@wuicho_ This is the most recent shot. It's not a fast grower for me
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