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@nickydiamonds1 #diamondlife #instagram #instadaily #igers #iphoneonly #nofilter #iphonesia #diamondsupplyco #instagrammers #jj #clothes #streetwear

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g0ld_panda 1336687196
@jordyb23 my shit didn't come yet 
c_vill4nueva 1336687227
Four diamond tees or fresh pair of Nike's? What would you choose? @jordyb23
j0rdvn23 1336687343
@smok33_robinson that's not a good look @chrisvill4nueva depends on what they are
g0ld_panda 1336687810
@jordyb23 yeah I know I'm about to rob you  lol
j0rdvn23 1336687859
@smok33_robinson nah it's not going down
g0ld_panda 1336687940
@jordyb23 jk bro lol my package should be coming soon
j0rdvn23 1336688041
@smok33_robinson ups people always take they sweet ass time
g0ld_panda 1336689954
@jordyb23 I know I use to work for them lol
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