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Shot from the plane.. nice #Rockformation

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thedoncor1 1338742185
Sweet!! Yeah we wer heading north back to Scotland so makes sense.. @eduardoveraphotos
eduardoveraphotos 1338744159
I'm from tenerife!!! I liked this photo
thedoncor1 1338745473
Cool! I was staying in the south a few weeks ago had a nice time, some nice waves too! I couldn't make the journey to the north as I had no transport!! Maybe another time tho πŸ‘. @eduardoveraphotos
eduardoveraphotos 1338746870
Here we have the best waves in winter from november to april. There are a lot of wave secret point, that only know people who live here 
thedoncor1 1338747648
πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ same in Scotland our winter is normally best!!! But maybe a little colder than Tenerife haha.. very good waves here! And I have seen pictures of some spots in Tenerife going off!! Looks like you guys have some world class waves over there hopefully I'll get to experience some of them one day!! @eduardoveraphotos πŸ‘‰πŸ‘
eduardoveraphotos 1338757088
I saw great waves in magazines and the internet, but my body could not withstand the water so cold!!! would lead not my bodyboard ahaha (just visit and party) yeaaaah! ;-)
thedoncor1 1338757679
Sometimes in summer we get good swells too an good party's aswell!! I'm sure our summer is similar to your winter :-)
thedoncor1 1377986244
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