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(Not Deh-MEE)

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Don't let the pink fool you. This is packin' 6.8 million volts. Don't f*ck with me.

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(Not Deh-MEE)
deminotmoore 1336575064
#stungun #pink #protection #volts
pandathewolf 1336576868
I need one of these I have to check if it's legal to carry one in NYC
deminotmoore 1336578006
@pandathewolf it's unfortunately illegal to carry one in NY. i think that's stupid b/c ppl need to protect themselves. There's too many crimes happenin n crazy ppl.
pandathewolf 1336581563
@xgnarlyradical that freakin sucks big time I've gotten robbed before! I can understand why it's illegal because we have a lot of young stupid teens who would be hurting people but at least let us get a permit or something ya know lol I have my life and my daughters life to protect
deminotmoore 1336581873
@pandathewolf i hear ya girl. It's a shame. Ppl
deminotmoore 1336582002
@pandathewolf ppl (esp women w or w/o children) need it more n it's for self defense incase something happens. Thats stupid that ny is strict about that when its has a huge population
deminotmoore 1336583911
@didyouknowkenia 4sho
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