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↠Lizzie ↠Colombia

Photo from l7zz7e

More #containerlove and #rust

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↠Lizzie ↠Colombia
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l7zz7e 1336800243
@ludoalex Gracias Alex!☺
_lynettejackson 1337082254
Beautiful color
pastelsatdawn 1337629728
Nice shot
l7zz7e 1337631216
@pastelsatdawn Thank you:)
granolaareola 1338132169
You have such cool pictures @ljzzje!
the_real_lilli 1341267001
This is great, love it! This and some of your other vibrantly turquoise shots would be great for #terrificturquoise, the softer ones for #mintish
kopete_ 1344208788
still liked! 2nd like! 😘😊
l7zz7e 1344246950
@kopete second thank you😘✨
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