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Justin Figueroa

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Justin Figueroa
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brianhansen 1336440951
@loveandlayers seriously haha
sk801alex 1336441068
Welcome to mexico
adzowitch 1336446203
aaron_castillon 1336459143
Aqui esta en vta @eduardooropeza3
taji_music 1338173412
Dude Justin super stoked for when Y'all run through Kentucky on that Emerica tour!! And if you're headin to Woodward this summer itd be tight to seeya then too! I remember seein you there last year. @killerpizza Peace!!!
snackthestroke 1340429272
@killerpizza hell yeah figgy, you skate harsh as fuck...so you should come to mexico city since you like crazy shit and we can have a lot of fun. You can also taste the great food that we have in here and what's better than drinking a Corona beer in the country which is created. If you could come here, that'll be sick!!!!
philthy100 1352411394
Damn pacifico in da can? I never knew.
jonnyblazzze91 1397438536
@killerpizza pacifico in a cannnnn
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