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Heading to Warrington now... See you on the other side!

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shushushoodles 1339855077
Any IG friend of @janettesmith999 . Is a friend of mine as I know she has quite discerning taste !
janettesmith999 1339866901
@shushushoodles I DO have discerning taste, Lorraine meet Cheryl, Cheryl this is Lorraine. πŸ’
shushushoodles 1339867589
Hi Lorraine.. Nice to meet you .😊
bakerhorton 1339930179
@shushushoodles you cheryl nice to meet you too - @janettesmith999 seems to know everyone!!
shushushoodles 1339939075
She knows all the wittiest people and I am often put in stitches by Janette and about 4 other of my UK IG friends. Since I love to laugh , this is brilliant ! The dry wit appeals to me because my sweet darling
shushushoodles 1339939316
Man is first generation Canadian with roots in the UK and definitely has the humour down pat.😁😜😁 Our only child is the same, so I am constantly entertained @bakerhorton
bakerhorton 1339954994
@shushushoodles seems we'll get along great then 😘😘😘
shushushoodles 1339967047
Yes .. I do believe so. My grandfather was born in Kent as well.. Perhaps I already mentioned that ( sorry brain fog) . Anyway I do love a good wit ! @bakerhorton
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