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Don't Be A Douche Canoe

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It's the truth. Love knows no gender, and everyone is amazing. Love who you want to love, don't let anyone tell you that you can't. #gay #straight #marraige #love #sexuality #gender #girl #boy #bisexual #transexual #pansexual #happiness #believe #truth #loveislove #noh8 #beautiful #you #me #mother #father #brother #sister #couples #gayrights

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Don't Be A Douche Canoe
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kora_lynn_ 1336437566
@martynmoonoi that made NO sense. And I have weird thinking? It's not like I came up with it! And you missed the entire point of this post!!
kora_lynn_ 1336437581
AND of my ramble about it!
kora_lynn_ 1336437928
*facepalm* the point isn't if I think I'm better than you or if you think you're better than my cat or if I think I'm better than anyone, the only point was ACCEPTANCE. Which you OBVIOUSLY are not so great at.
kora_lynn_ 1336438470
I can accept that I like girls. For all you know, I'm straight up gay. Just listen to the damn original message instead of bashing me.
kora_lynn_ 1336438775
@martynmoonoi look, let's just drop it. I don't need hate, you don't need hate. All you need is love, and that's all I care about. You haven't lost, I haven't lost, we've just let it go. Us arguing like this isnt really doing anyone much good.
kora_lynn_ 1336438876
@martynmoonoi yes it is. Well, I do hope you have a good day, hun.
beckyparsons__ 1336533564
Wow I just read that whole thing. Makes me wanna get into it with this chick. Pansexual is not a sexuality? That just insulted my entire way of life and everything I think about myself. Wow. Stuff just got real. But thanks dear, for posting this versagram. I agree 110% nomatter what sexuality people deserve to be loved not hated. That may be my point of view, but I believe it and stick to it. @papertigers
kora_lynn_ 1336540962
@lovefortwo thanks hun.. :3 and yeah, exactly. Everyone should be loved, and they should be able to love who they choose to love. :)
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