Photo from pjladd

Lockwood. Photo cred @thisguysthelimit

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ke3f 1365020064
Saw this on JeremyAdamsPhotography.com
fireemansam 1370039123
Hahah my last name! 🙌
huskyroundup 1389459380
I hope you steal some newspaper bins and do some graffiti on your birthday. "Yes I will sign your blackbook, but no note."
veggie661 1399182685
Still got that beard @pjladd ?
mettmo 1411351400
My best @pjladd <3
chrisleparc 1429855505
@miltonleparc @eliastorres__ @moi_lopez1 god damn
chrisleparc 1430632824
miltonleparc 1430632881
You didn't do the same thing redoooo @chrisleparc
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