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Before middle and after of a #volvo #v70glt #frontspoiler #bumper #repair

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Lo Bolt
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keenan_carpender 1349492720
@Helloportland What paint did you use and how much $?
helloportland 1349494672
@keenan703 I used a flexible black bumper spray paint from napa auto, sandable and partial filling grey primer, and clear coat spray. All in all paint costed about 25 bucks. 40 with sand paper. Only needed one can of each for that bottom half I did. Remember to sand a LOT before and wet sand after primer and clear coat. Prep is key.
helloportland 1349494962
@keenan703 oh and make sure it is glossy!
keenan_carpender 1349495822
@helloportland ok I need to do that.. My hood and front (and back 😁) bumpers have so much road rash/ scrapes I need to do something. I also want a widow tint and to get it debadged. I like your idea of the smoked out tail lights. One thing that I really want to do is put 850R rims on it, black v70 with those rims look awesome in my head. But first, I need to fix this head gasket issue. It overheats if its about 60 degrees or so after 20 minutes of driving. Cannot find out why. Volvo specialist in Denver spent 2 days looking at it. Nothing. I do need a Pcv though. Not sure if that would contribute to over heating. But I was thinking of selling my car until I saw your page because with 135k, this car isn't even half way done with its life. Seeing yours in such good condition motivates me to work through these issues and in the end have an amazing car. Thanks for the inspiration!
keenan_carpender 1349495849
^ @helloportland sorry, that was a small book
helloportland 1349496795
@keenan703 I wouldn't do spray paint on any thing that is metal because it won't stick to it and will look cheap. I personally am just working on my bumpers until I can afford a spray gun or two and find a good area to work on it. Wow 135k is amazingly low and actually worth a lot if you get all issues fixed. What model is it? The PVC could very well be the issue but if that fails to help you could post on matthewsvolvosite.com about what is going on I am sure people would be more than happy to help you figure out what's going on. Looots of patience, Volvos are unique and tough to figure out but well well worth it. Glad to be an inspiration and thank you!! :) #Volvoforlife
keenan_carpender 1349497014
Black 1998 v70 GLT fwd winter package, sunroof, no third seat. 135k. Bought it in July for $1900- the guy I bought it from originally wanted $3000 but I bargained a bit 😉 and yes, #volvoforlife
helloportland 1349497374
@Keenan703 Ah schweet! Same exact as mine minus third seat! Absolutely adore this car. I got mine for $2k with 240k so man you got a great deal on that one. Good job and good luck!!
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