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Got my #shuuemura #eyelash #curler !!! I've wanted for so long I don't know why I've waited so long. I just tried and really loved it !!! :) #beauty #instagood #instabeauty #instafashion #sephora

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jodidays 1337402920
@saasaa28 I think I found out about the gold one 2 years too late haha! I hate it when they make things limited edition!
elisaeffect 1337403126
@jodibebe hahah seriously limited edition :P so like u can even wear bracelets with metals then ? Has to be like silver or gold ?
elisaeffect 1337403134
jodidays 1337403249
Costume jewelry very short time, must be silver or gold if i dont want to take it off. I usually avoid jewelry altogether... Haha 
elisaeffect 1337403308
@jodibebe oh wow ! What does it do though ? Is it like a harsh reaction ? Or it just turn your skin red ? :/
jodidays 1337434171
@saasaa28 A rash area the area that touched it, it's bumpy n red n itchy 
elisaeffect 1337438146
@jodibebe urggg that really sucks :/
elisaeffect 1337438288
@jodibebe me its only my ears ... Allergic to metal or any fake jewelries :/
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