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Scott Shire

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Finally, a #market in #castleberryhills killer stuff: #highroad #icecream & #dry #soda

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Scott Shire
bahamontes 1336060441
#atlanta #cloudporn #sky #boxcar #grocer #boxcargrocer #brick #iphoneonly
jwhandy 1336094873
I always stop for chocolate milk here during a ride!
bahamontes 1336101868
@jwhandy I SO want this place to succeed! I have gone at the end of a ride twice now to find a total lack of chocolate milk. I'll keep trying
bahamontes 1336108304
@jwhandy I live around the corner and start most rides heading down Peters. Hit me up and well roll out.
d00deronomy 1336130140
I found some dark chocolate milk here. Only problem is that it makes your poo really really dark and it kinda freaked me out. It was yummy though (not the poo, the milk....I'm no copropheliac).
jwhandy 1336134589
@bahamontes I'm still recovering from a broken collarbone, but I'll be getting back out soon. Will let you know
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