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seancraigmay 1336023633
@mchl321 No Michael.... Oh and no shout out for you :p
amilio_ 1336023911
@mchl321 @seancraigswagg hahahha how come I don't get a shoutout ?! Your the only one that brings the followers in ! And somehow Michael... πŸ˜’
seancraigmay 1336024396
@amilio_ I'll shot you out tomorrow when I have a stronger wifi signal πŸ‘ ... And idk about @mchl321 either. He must be doing something 😱
amilio_ 1336024663
cool beans bro seph. You don't have to I was just kidding I'm going to work for my fame ! haha @seancraigswagg and I know @mchl321 is up to something..
seancraigmay 1336024714
I think he stalks people until they follow him lmfao πŸ˜‚
mchl321 1336049943
@amilio_ people follow me cause u tak
mchl321 1336049957
I take good pictures
mchl321 1336049959
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