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shahkashani 1335927237
@jungletimer Peter C? That's awesome, such a small world! He's a good guy (with a phenomenal mustache), I'll be sure to grab him tomorrow for a Lisa-chat :)
shahkashani 1335927321
@amersly I fully support the above suggestion.
jungletimer 1335927323
haha yeah totally. sadly as of today, no more mustache. :{(
amersly 1335927510
Shah; your road trip idea is genius. And I agree, I need to get out there! My husband is taking a trip to Princeton in the Fall and I'm thinking of tagging along and forcing an NYC day (or week...). Cc: @jungletimer
shahkashani 1335927519
@jungletimer 👨➡👦? That's sad! With a bit of persuasion it might make a triumphant return one day. We're counting on you.
sgoralnick 1335965374
intrepid explorers
d_lillian 1338750162
Best/worst mockumentary of all time...
shahkashani 1338757476
@dlillianphoto I still need to watch it! Apparently Norwegian Ninja is another must see / must avoid Norwegian movie. :)
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