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Watch it on YouTube! And then look up everything that is spoken about and verify it over and over again. You will find it to be 100% accurate.

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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 🏊 πŸ˜·πŸ’‰πŸ’ŠπŸ”«
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another thing, phobia would indicate fear, however, I have Muslim friends that go spearfishing just like I do. Do you understand that? Friends. I have no fear of Muslims or Islam. I simply do not agree with those that wished evil on others.
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@basshus in the 1950s, the Muslim brotherhood took over Egypt. Currently, they are slaughtering Coptic Christians and moderate Muslims. This is a fact. It is happening Tahir square. Are you blind to this fact? They created al Qaeda and others.
basshus 1335941225
@spearoninja i guess thats what u would love to see ... But ur wrong sweety muslim brotherhood barley participated in the revolution and alot of people blamed them for bot doing so but its basiclly to avoid things like what u just said and correction netenyahu was ruling egypt for the last 10 years along with bush and obama and a pig calles mubarak just like barak
texaslizard18 1336973483
I love your message man but citizens don't and never will understand exactly what's goin on in the world untill it slaps them in the face and war is breathing down their neck for the first time ...... God bless America
ninja_med_11b 1337019043
@warrior_for_god I agree. But if I can reach at least one person with the truth, I'm happy.
texaslizard18 1337558105
Very admirable I agree with you brother and do the same. I share the frustration of trying to witness and share this stuff but people don't want to be preached to ..... What they don't understand is I'm not preaching and am far from perfect myself but my efforts to show the truth is for their benefit not mine it is to save their soul no mine, my reward awaits me. Stay strong brother. Blood is on the hands of the Shepard that sees danger and does not warn his brothers. But clean hands and a special crown awaits those who are like watchmen and try to warn those. To God be the glory.
adamhadar 1340900226
They killed Anwar Sadat in the 80s and now they're ruling Egypt. It was all planned.
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