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Chris L

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COMING SOON!! One of many :)

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Chris L
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chrisladden 1335830740
CHECK OUT www.facebook.com/spreadlightclothing
jonpride 1335833434
Sweet! :-)
chrisladden 1335833481
@jonpride thanks dude!! Stoked on getting these and a few others in 😃😃
chrisladden 1335842624
@dtimmons22 you better rep this shirt mane when it's released!! Haha
chrisladden 1335886071
You the man @dtimmons22 I'll post the website once it's available!! I'll be putting in the order tomorrow and it take a week or two to get them printed and to me
chrisladden 1335891726
@dtimmons22 heck yeah man I'll keep ya in the loop as they're released
chrisladden 1336075983
@zackcarter for what???
chrisladden 1336076416
Haha @zackcarter thanks man I appreciate that! I haven't printed these yet but it's in process, you're more than welcome to promote that's for sure! Haha Facebook.com/spreadlightclothing is where it's at and where currently two shirts are for sale. Then once I get these bad boys printed I'll hit you up for sure
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