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Ahh!! So cute! #pokemon #joltik #quilava

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kingoffheart 1335771756
just 4 inches? Lol is that the smallest Pokemon ? Thanks for the info! I haven't been into too much details with the new gen you see :)
deathbykawaiiness 1335772696
@kiran_bang Yes, Joltik is the smallest pokemon. I try to keep up with the new generation, I'm still having a bit of trouble with the English names though.
kingoffheart 1335773126
@summer_oak lol! I played black and white in 70% Japanese.. Lol I couldn't wait for it to release in uk so I played it in that even though I can't read Japanese.. So therefore I don't even know the English names for the starters lol! Not a big fan of the new gen tbh :S
deathbykawaiiness 1335773714
@kiran_bang the starters are tepig (the fire type), snivy (the grass type), and oshawott (the water type).
kingoffheart 1335773825
@summer_oak ah yes I remember tepig! Because that was my starter!! Haha oshawott looks so bad -.- well it's last form isn't bad I guess aha. I wonder if they will add more pokemons. Thankyou!
deathbykawaiiness 1335773837
I like the new generation. It's actually pretty good. The gameplay, the story and the pokemon are awesome. I also really like the 3D effect. @kiran_bang
deathbykawaiiness 1335773926
Also, I've heard from a few people that there may be new Eeveelutions. Though I won't get my hopes up quite yet.
kingoffheart 1335774163
Omggg yes you can never have enough pokemons lol! I want more! The game wise it's one of my favourites so far it's just the pokemons .. They are not as cool looking as other gens or it's just me growing up haha. well deoxys is always gonna be my favourite haha what's your favourite?
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