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Juxtapoz Magazine

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Juxtapoz Magazine
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melikepainting_com 1335733601
@juxtapozmag how can i get your magazine into my shop/artgallery/studio? Have a look on www.MeLikePainting.com for reference.
undergroundgallery 1335734285
anavictoriana 1335736575
supply heaven
sharstar918 1335737672
Love! :)
adamjeffreytats 1335740719
F Dick Blick that place sells tattoo pigment to home job scratchers ... Thus promoting the spread of bad art and possibly disease ... Boycott Dick Blick Art Supply
yames_sinclair 1335785660
@adamjeffreytats dude, by that logic ANY art supply store supports bad art in general by selling supplies to amateur artists. I get your point though.
adamjeffreytats 1335788385
@jamestakespictures see if you sell the implements of tattooing but don't offer any of the supplies to make sure it is a clean tattoo then you are liable for what the public does with it ... Disease transfer and all ... Famously when some idiot is out there spreading hepatitis thru lack of universal precautions instead of going after the idiots who allowed for this individual to get the supplies they go after the tattooing community ... As they have done in Maryland in the early 90s and many other states have had similar incidents ... Boycott Dick Blick
fourist 1335842884
Nice - and you this is one of the most popular photos from the weekend in SF on fourist.com. Congrats!
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