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Taegan MacLean

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I have a thing for walls. Not sure what it is exactly. I think it's better left unsaid and unexplained. I hope your day has some of the unexplained in it as well. Mystery makes us human.

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Taegan MacLean
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tkmaclean 1335654437
@recklessrubes87 thank you so much :)
caroolnascimento 1335667057
@tkmaclean :)
rorbo 1335734306
Love your penchant for surrealism. Great shot.
tkmaclean 1335734487
@rorbo Thank you Rorey, that is very high praise in my eyes :)
tkmaclean 1335804769
@borisp_2012 Thank you!
nuodaispalis 1335986950
I'm a big fan of walls, too. Not sure what it is, but I'm drawn to taking pictures of them.
tkmaclean 1335987560
@nuodaispalis hey Danielle. Yeah I try not to put too much thought in it. But indeed a wall can speak volumes. :)
salseye 1338714813
never seen such zen of brick
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