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reginalefrandt 1335521060
Beautiful 
stefanoiuliano 1335525844
@ginalefrandt thank you! I glad to receive a compliment from such a great photographer like you!
reginalefrandt 1335527731
Ur welcome. Actually I'm just a full time mother and a therapist for my autism son; My autism son also who made me realize, the beauty of nature..and how great and real is our God
stefanoiuliano 1335529909
@ginalefrandt please let me cite what Emmanuel Mounier wrote about her autistic daughter: It is from the earth, from its solidarity, that a birth full of joy takes place...and a patient feeling of a work that grows, of the stages that follow, awaited almost calmly, with assuredness (in the midst of the discomfort of days of anguish). It is necessary to suffer so that the truth not be crystallized in doctrine, but be born from the flesh."
reginalefrandt 1335530616
Beautiful..thank you so much for those wise words and also the support, u are so kind. God Bless u and your family
hoodoogirl 1335580344
ex_user 1336654807
wild_olives 1337239277
Sleeping like an angel. So cute 💗!
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