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Ryan Clements

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I made a new friend when I was trimming the sago palms in the yard. No Insta photo enhancement can make this guy anymore brilliant than Mother Nature already did.

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Ryan Clements
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mrshittooth 1335047716
These guys are everywhere these days
sp3nc3r 1335048009
I love takin pics of florida insects! I thought i was the only one postin this kind of ish!
natetano 1335048865
We don't have amazing insects like that in Kansas. Great shot.
hellonwheels 1335051836
Killing it Clem!
dixonormous 1335061709
Hell yeah that's rad
mfduffield 1335104130
It's been so long since I've seen one of those guys! Glad to see their still around.
zachohara 1336850963
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