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Thomas Maier

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One of the first people to have fitted the #mkvi #carbonio #intake onto a #2011 #vw #volkswagen #jetta #25i5. #apr #vwlove #photooftheday #popular #instagood. Not the first but have only seen one other person do it so far:)

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Thomas Maier
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mysticalappearances 1335024157
Water sucker lol
vwmaier 1335024505
@magear skid plate and fender liner cover up the openings so I just have to be a little careful. Sounds awesome though.
mysticalappearances 1335024690
vwmaier 1335025600
@magear You going to be at defrost on Sunday?
dylanpagnotta 1335545211
I've driven through crazy rain with mine and been fine. The good thing is our lower grill isn't open so puddles don't really effect it either
vwmaier 1335550359
@dylanpagnotta I figured out its oil coated as well so it should be fine.
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