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I like tacos!

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paul jarvis
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nature_vs_nurture 1334949274
Yes! I'm not the only vegan making tiny for sexy food....everyone was rippin' on my accidental fruit vagina today.
nature_vs_nurture 1334949295
*time not tiny
daniellelaporte 1334954368
Manners, please.
beachmama 1334957175
I love tacos tooooooo!! Yum & @nature_vs_nurture your fruit vag was friggin awesome!!! Btw...  accidental or not! Lol 
pjrvs 1334958848
@daniellelaporte i wasn't talking with my mouth open (at least) 
sleepyheaad 1335043298
_kate_lewis 1335199977
Ha! What is the filling?
pjrvs 1335203605
@lechousauvage avo, fire roasted salsa, pintos, and a salad worth of organic greens. mmm!
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