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Tonight's #insane #awesome #sunset. This is completely 100% #unfiltered and the picture can't come close to doing it justice. It was #amazing. #sky #sun #sundown #trees #beautiful #pretty #colors #pink #silhouette #spring #skysnappers #thecloudchasers #awesome_shots #lookingup

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@gummidgy Here.... Check out the bigger shot. It was one of those times when I wished I had a better camera with me, or that this phone could capture the sky the way it really looked.
gummidgy 1342633309
Oh wow. This is incredible. & completely natural... >jaw dropping< btw I just looked through my gallery & I'm gonna have a hard time picking just 4...
heathersriddle 1342633621
@gummidgy It was sooooo awesome in person. I was all adrenaline- rushy and trying to get the whole sky in different shots. Crazy. I had the same problem, picking only 4. That's why I picked the sunsets that were special to me in some way, and stood out in my head, rather than what looked best in collage. I knew I was going to use these even before I searched for them.
gummidgy 1342634514
Lucky that it worked out that they looked great in collage. 😉 but I think it's great that you picked ones that had personal significance.
heathersriddle 1342635432
@gummidgy Thanks! I actually don't think they look that great together. I could have probably found some that had some symmetry with each other. Oh well, it was the spirit of the choices! 😉
heathersriddle 1360552252
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