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McHugo & Inouye

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I used to think that #powertowers spoiled #scenic views. But after my IG friend (twofondhearts) named them #fieldaliens , I have looked at them differently. πŸ‘ Love to my friend and to all the wonderful people who make IG a place that makes me feel proud to be a part of. Thanks for all the laughs, the tears and the abundance of love.

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McHugo & Inouye
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criticalcondition 1334688960
@beau_boy I just took another look. I remembered the lighting but didn't remember the colors exactly. 😲 all tuckered out 😏 Thank you for commenting!
twofondhearts 1334698981
Love this and your thoughts!
mimiwings 1334725412
So lovely!!πŸ’œπŸ’™
criticalcondition 1334726366
Thank you @twofondhearts. I realized that tagging you too often could possibly wear you out. You have your hands full just responding to ppl's comments at your own Gallery, I'm pretty sure. The FieldAliens now number over 100 and there will be many more, thanks to you. So much fun!!
criticalcondition 1334726407
Thank you @mimiwings You are so kind! πŸƒπŸŒΉπŸƒ
twofondhearts 1334752131
It is so exciting to see it grow and it has been a team effort my friend! xo
criticalcondition 1334825726
@twofondhearts I'm πŸ’Ÿloving every minute πŸŽ† and all the ✳ creative energy⚑is inspiring βŒβ­•
criticalcondition 1334960954
#nature #purple
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