Photo from nialler_is_flawless

Lolol i love these boys so much xD #louistomlinson #zaynmalik #niallhoran #liampayne #harrystyles #onedirection

ek4428 1334528230
What video is this??? Ik that's not really what they said btw
nialler_is_flawless 1334528289
@ek4428 idk i found this on twitter
amandamd 1334528411
@ek4428 its from an australian interview, and niall did say that
ek4428 1334528601
@amandamd what can I type into YouTube?
amandamd 1334529625
@ek4428 one direction australia interview or sonething like that 
ek4428 1334539913
@amandamd thx I found!!! I'm so jealous of that girl!!!!!!!!!!
amandamd 1334554243
@ek4428 yeaah everyone is! the way boobear let her hug him or let her sit down with her, e didn't have to do it, but that shows how much they care about us 
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