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Pudge wants to play

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the_kat_lady 1334526611
@emmalinekelly NO. WAY. IT'S TOO CUTE.
carmelvardi 1334596470
Pudge: the cutest kitten in the world! @carmalca
angkeeee 1334722158
 @snoopybabe
bellathornehug 1334767150
I want to hug pudge 😍 she's so cute! She should be on the commercial for friskies kitty food :) She's so pretty 😃 and Cute 😃
pudgethecat 1334767818
@bellathornehug I would love for her to be in commercials! I'm still looking into a way to make that happen 😊
bellathornehug 1334771856
I hope she gets to be in some commercials someday that would be awesomely cute :)
tmekkebus 1334864323
That is the most honest face I've ever seen.
sbcrumb 1335809794
Cute cat
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