Photo from lacquerloon

My new favorite color. Blurple.

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ms_maddie_ 1425848743
Jk #151weeks
Just went through all your photos to like your very first one...took forever.
micknails 1427849815
@ms_maddie_ @nikki_98__ same, #154weeks
swatchitupanotch 1429774089
lacquerloon 1429774366
@swatchitupanotch 😂😂
swatchitupanotch 1429774742
@lacquerloon it all started trying to find a post of your nekkid nails. Then I just didn't stop 🙈
alexxisnotonfire 1430306260
@rali.garfild looooookk so amazingg
tipical_panda_ 1445966773
Урааа я добралась до начала✌
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