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Fan Correspondent winner Tiffany Ayana on the set of #TeenWolf with Colton Haynes!

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mhairii_x 1334481702
Jealous she met him, he's gorgeous
loulou221 1334511386
Is instagram free all of it
sozitshxys 1334515373
No one is "ugly" everyone is beautiful in their own way.
tayloragirard 1334700325
The chic is ugly
mindofleanne 1334860129
Omfg...she's so lucky she met one of my idols. I worship him. Teen wolf needs to come back ASAP!!
sofiagarcia6277 1334976619
She looks miserable.
kat2021 1335363535
He's so sexy😍
eviedancer11 1335423360
Aaaah Colton Haynes, I loooove him! <3
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