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Fion Lim
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An earthquake of magnitude 8.7 struck off Sumatra and a tsunami warning has been issued to countries like Australia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar. Apparently there's a tsunami approaching the main island right now and the aftershocks are of very high magnitude as well! Please keep the people living near the coast in these countries in prayer! πŸ˜–πŸ™
momhugzz 1334150175
Oh, darling Fion. Be safe & my prayers are with you & yours! βœ¨πŸ™βœ¨
lohjia 1334150185
Oni! I loved the way you put your watermark! I always like, spot the watermark. Haha.
gonebydusk 1334150459
Dear Anne, my country is shielded by other countries so unless the tsunami is super, I wont be affected. Pray for the Indonesians! πŸ™ @momhugzz
gonebydusk 1334150515
Hahaha Jia, thanks! 😊 @lohjia
momhugzz 1334150585
Ok...got it!!!!
lohjia 1334150593
Oh! And and and! Nice pic(:
gonebydusk 1334281300
Thanks Jia! 😊 @lohjia
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