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Just saw this hanging in the lobby of a project building we just had a small fire at. I wish I grew up rich and isolated and ignorant of what really goes on in "poor" neighborhoods. Please rationalize to me why people who have next to no bills, free healthcare, free food, and are given spending money without ever working a day also deserve a tax "refund"?

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Rondell Holmes
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rondellholmes 1334011153
@arsenaultc80 People don't like being called "not workers", like to refer to themselves as "unemployed" hence the tag for the flyer.
mrblack2544 1334011318
This thread went on for a while almost like a Facebook thread speaking of Facebook they bought this site today I gotta check my stocks now I bet I made out nice on that deal yaaaaay
arsenaultc80 1334026743
Well that's ridiculous that people get refunded money that they didn't pay, in that case.
rondellholmes 1334037667
@arsenaultc80 Not a big leap from the free money they are already handed, or their having other people pay all their bills and pay for their groceries as well.
animaetrix 1334115156
I like how at the end it goes into Spanish.
rondellholmes 1334121964
@simplyme_85 Haha, smart business move, need to cast a wide net!
thefreshest 1339193703
I took advantage of this shit right away dawg... I got my check quick nigga
rondellholmes 1339199696
@thefreshest Damn you Mexicans!!! Haha
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