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Cool tip! Thanks to @igersFinland !! Save your Instagram pics directly thanks to http://ifttt.com/recipes/56

igers Instagram profile picture
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juras77 1333631796
Sorry, but where can I find the instagram URL to insert in the action field? @loonama @le_blanc @iamakittehcouch @beckognition @maruciameyer Thanks! I can find the URL only for single photos and it doesn't work anyway. How does it work? Thanks!
iamakittehcouch 1333633136
@juras77 I use a program called Instadrop. It automatically saves each IG post to Dropbox, all you have to do is link your accounts. 😊
iamakittehcouch 1333634224
@juras77 to clarify, you don't need to enter an URL, just sign in using your IG username & password.
juras77 1333634714
Yes @iamakittehcouch thanks! I did it with instadrop  and this solves the sync between dropbox e instagram, but there are other fun recipes with instagram in IFTT, but I don't understand which is the URL to insert in the action field ξ„ˆ Thanks!
iamakittehcouch 1333636230
@juras77 Aha! Something new for both if us then. I've never used IFTT recipes. This will give me something to look into when I should be *working* πŸ˜‰
juras77 1333637231
 ok @iamakittehcouch ! If you find out something tell me  after work of course! 
fanged 1334042303
Hi @iamakittehcouch and @juras77 , may I ask where can I get the instadrop program y'all mentioned above? :) thank you !
iamakittehcouch 1334065087
@fanged go to http://instadrop.appspot.com/ and it will ask you to link you IG account and that's pretty much it! πŸ˜ƒ
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