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VERY IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION Due to new Instagram #API limits implemented this weekend regarding the number of #likes given and received, some #statistics and snapshots were getting completely inaccurate. We have decided to disable temporarily the impacted elements rather than displaying twisted data. Therefore on your next visit to Statigram you will see a short warning message in place of each missing element. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and we keep working very hard on our new version of the stats, making it stick with Instagram API possibilities. The release is scheduled for the middle/end of April. Thx for your understanding. #statigram

iconosquare Instagram profile picture
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dluv425 1333716227
shardrix 1333719224
Thanks for the info. Sorry about the IG changes. Glad you tagged me so I would see this. I love statigram, use it often. Did I ask a ? Is that why you tagged me?
mooondesign 1334035662
@statigram update our data please. We are @invont
laurajcanada 1334948182
emi.rob 1334952297
How do you repost pictures with statigram without the little red thing in the top left corner
carladruzini 1341913097
Foto maravilhosa!
karpuuzcekirdegi 1343514836
güzellik budur
_.chloehill 1365979252
thats weird but cool         
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